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Baretraps® Stay Dry System (SDS)

Not only are your boots among the most comfortable you can buy, they are made with our weather resistant SDS, Stay Dry System.

Our leathers are infused with water resistant properties, and lined with a thick layer of insulation that not only feels great, but also keeps your feet warm and protected from the elements!

Faux Fur Lining

Most SDS styles have a faux fur lining to ensure added warmth during some of the coldest of temperatures.

Weatherproofing Technology

A water resistant treatment is sprayed on the upper materials of the boot to keep it weather proof. Once water hits the boot, the water will bead off allowing you to enjoy your boots in rainy, wet weather.

Tread Sole

With a specialty rubber sole, the SDS boots will provide traction and durability. The molded functional sole will help you keep your feet on the ground during those cold and wet winter months.

Maximize the Life of Your Baretraps® SDS boots

As with any leather product, time and wear, snow and rain will take a toll on your boots. To maximize their life and maintain the weather resistant properties, we recommend that you clean them with a dry cloth, then a damp cloth and spray the boots with a weather proofing spray. Do this once per season, or more if worn often in the snow. These sprays will keep the salt and elements from penetrating the leather or suede, and keep your boots looking great!

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